Twitch Bans Streamer Kaceytron Over ‘Controversial’ Coronavirus Joke

Veteran Twitch streamer Kaceytron has been suspended indefinitely from the platform after appearing to make a joke around the on-going Coronavirus pandemic.

The streamer made the offensive joke during an episode of ‘The Rajjelor’, which is Rajj Patel’s series that mimics ABC’s The Bachelor reality television show and adapted for Twitch featuring streamers with big personalities.

When Kacey was asked if she would kiss fellow streamer Quackity if he was ‘infected’, she replied: “yes, and we would leave quarantine, and we would try to spread it as much as possible because the world would be a better place without old and poor people.”

Following her controversial remark, Twitch made the decision to suspend Kaceytron’s account, which the streamer confirmed in a series of tweets last week.

In the statement, Kacey told her followers: “I’ve been indefinitely suspended because of an insensitive comment I made last week. I don’t condone hatred towards any person and it was a poor reflection of my character. I’m just trying to take this all in right now. I ask that my audience please remain calm and rational.”

She continued: “I apologize to anyone who has been hurt or offended by my comments. I do not hold hatred towards the poor or elderly. Over the past month I have been extremely worried about my parents, as many have. I’ve also been extremely worried about my families financial situation.

“I’ve always used humor as a coping mechanism, when I said “poor and old people are a plague” it was me letting out my frustration and mocking a system that I have felt like has tossed the poor and elderly aside.

“I realize that it was an insensitive joke and that’s not an excuse for it, I accept my punishment. I just hope that you all can realize I am human, I’m not infallible, I make mistakes.”

Reddit users took to the platform with mixed feelings about Kacey’s suspension, and while most were shocked and impressed that Twitch had taken such a drastic action, others argued that Twitch were showing a lack of compassion and understanding for her ‘dry and sarcastic humour’.

No word has been updated on whether or not Kacey will be able to appeal her Twitch ban in the near future as of yet. Clearly, Twitch aren’t here for COVID-19 jokes.

It’s not the first time Kacey has been known to be offensive online, as you’ll see in the below Tweet capturing her sexually explicit callout to Dr DisRespect fans.

Featured Image Credit: Kaceytron Instagram