Tales From the Borderlands Could Be Getting a Remaster and Sequel

A mysterious trailer has recently been leaked that hints towards the fan-favourite Tales From the Borderlands getting not only a remaster, but a sequel as well.

Tales From the Borderlands was released in November 2014. It was the last “original” game in the Borderlands franchise, until the release of Borderlands 3 five years later. This gave it a big place in fans’ hearts. Sadly, once Telltale went under, many fans had to admit they may never see Rhys and Fiona again.

Credit – Telltale

But a Reddit post may have just revived fans’ hopes. The post links to a trailer for a remastered Tales From the Borderlands. If this is true, and it really is in development, we can see why. Borderlands 3 has received massive praise since launching last September. So it makes sense to us Telltale would cash in on the Borderlands universe whilst it’s hot.

Even more exciting, however, is that the trailer ends by highlighting the number 2 on-screen. Fans think the “2” is on-screen too long to be an accident and could possibly be the first hint of a sequel in the works. 

A screenshot of the leaked trailer from
Credit – Telltale

What Would a Remaster and Sequel Mean For Telltale?

After Telltale Games collapsed in October 2018, many fans would’ve been forgiven for assuming they might never see any more content from one of the gaming industry’s best storytellers.

The studio had hit on a niche that let them play to their strengths. They had the ability to license content within pre-existing franchises that tugged on gamer’s heartstrings like nothing else.

Unfortunately, following some poor business decisions and amid unsustainable revenue shares from their licensers, the studio was shut down and their games got taken off Steam.

Characters in a car
Credit – Telltale

But a few months later, in August 2019, LCG Entertainment revived the studio. They announced their plans to start republishing Telltale’s iconic backlog. These included fan favourite titles like Batman and The Wolf Among Us – the latter even had a teased second season. However, questions remained over what other titles this new Telltale could publish.

Most of Telltale’s best-loved games were licensed titles, which has caused issues for LCG Entertainment. This means the rights to many of these games, like all of The Walking Dead’s seasons, had reverted back to their original owners. Which means they might never see a re-release under the Telltale banner.

Game character from Borderlands
Credit – Gearbox Software

What Are The Potential Issues To A Tales From the Borderlands Sequel?

Firstly, (SPOILERS FOR BORDERLANDS 3), the protagonist Rhys and his friend Vaughn both appear in Borderlands 3. This means that a sequel would have to tread carefully to fit inside Borderlands’ growing story.

An artboard of a character from Borderlands
Credit – Gearbox Software

The other major issue is Rhys’ voice. The veteran voice actor Troy Baker originally voiced Rhys in Tales from the Borderlands. He had a falling out with Gearbox, who refused to recognise the Voice Actor’s union sometime before Borderlands 3. He was replaced by Ray Chase, but it’d be a shame to see his voice changed for his triumphant return to the adventure game genre.

Despite that, the idea of Telltale rereleasing what is perhaps their best game has us excited. There’s been no official confirmation yet, but keep your eyes peeled for more details!

Featured Image Credit – Telltale