BoomTV Hosting $300,000 Apex Legends Charity Tournament Today

On Wednesday, BoomTV announced that they would be hosting a $300,000 Apex Legends charity tournament to be held on Thursday March 26 at 12PM PST (7pm GMT).

Writing on their official Twitter account, BoomTV told followers they would be donating $250,000 to the International Federation of Red Cross in a bid to support the COVID-19 relief efforts:

“Excited to announce our $300,000 #CodeRedCharity Tournament ft. @PlayApex! $250k will be donated to @ifrc to support the ongoing COVID-19 efforts. Starts TOMORROW (Thursday) 3.26.20 at 12 PM PST. Catch all the action on our official Twitch channel.”

For those who are planning to tune in to the tournament from Europe, you’ll be able to check it out from 7PM.

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There’s currently some big names in esports and streaming signed on for this week’s tournament, including A_Seagull – who is a former professional player for the Dallas Fuel competing with Dummy (ex-Overwatch professional). Other big names include NRG content creator LuluLuvely, and the whole TSM squad.

The tournament will feature six matches in total; three on Kings Canyon and three on World’s Edge, as confirmed on BoomTV’s official Twitter.

To check out the tournament, you just need to head over to BoomTV’s official Twitch stream to see all the action take place. Anything that can help fight the COVID-battle right now is worth supporting, especially when it’s esports-related!

[Featured Image Credit: BoomTV / EA]