Titanfall Is Being Removed From Stores, But Servers Remain Online

The original Titanfall game is being removed from digital storefronts today, but the servers for the game will remain online. This comes after years of being inundated with DDoS attacks and cheaters. The original Titanfall has been rendered almost unplayable at times, and Respawn Entertainment is delisting it from stores. It will also be removed … Read more

Respawn Dev Acknowledges Issues With Apex Legends’ Loot

An Apex Legends developer has acknowledged potential issues with the game’s loot pool on social media. Apex Legends’ associate live balance designer John Larson was tagged in a tweet over the weekend demanding the team “remove weapons for God’s sake, nobody cares about P20, Bocek, or 3030 and actually help with the loot pool distribution“. … Read more

Apex Legends Guide: Which Legends Are Best For Storm Point?

The new Apex map Storm Point has been out for over a week now, and players are getting to grips with all its best routes and strategies. And if you’re wondering which legends are best for this tropical island battle, look no further. Here’s a list of the best legends to use on Storm Point. … Read more

Apex Legends Storm Point Guide: Best Places To Drop

Storm Point has made its arrival in Apex Legends, and players are already debating the best places to drop. So far it’s looking like a great addition to the game, with a lot of interesting places to fight in. It’s quite pretty too, which is a nice contrast to the typical bloodshed you’ll find in … Read more

Reddit Has Named The Apex Legends Rat ‘Pikachu’

.Apex Legends has a new character named Ash with a little rat friend, and Reddit has taken it upon themselves to name it ‘Pikachu’. A post on the Apex Legends subreddit asked for players to suggest names for the little guy, who was shown in a recent trailer for the game. Naturally, Reddit came up … Read more

How To Master Ash In Apex Legends

Ash is the latest Legend to appear in Apex Legends, arriving as part of the latest season, ‘Escape’. She’s a returning character from Titanfall 2, previously appearing as a bossfight while piloting a Ronin titan. She’s also appeared in Apex Legends before, running the Arenas mode that was added a few seasons back. Now she’s … Read more

Respawn Details The Newest Apex Legends Map, Storm Point

In a new post, Respawn Entertainment have revealed a lot of details about the latest Apex Legends map to arrive in the game. The new map is called Storm Point, and it’ll be coming to Apex Legends on November 2nd. It’s set on a mysterious island with tropical vistas and rocky mountains. The map is … Read more