7 Horrible Games That Should Never Be Played

Shower With Your Dad: Simulator


Do I really need to talk about this game? The title should be descriptive enough. This is a game where you, ugh, have a shower with your dad. The gameplay is such that there are some bathrooms with Big grown man having a shower and you need to go to the ‘one’ in which your doting father is taking a bath.

The animations are such that it seems that you can walk right into the nether regions of your dad, in the bathroom. Yeah, before you ask, all the grown men bath naked and you are supposed to join in, with your Dad, of course.OK, that’s all I say about this game. Just look at the footage and cringe, if you don’t, then well, you’ve ISSUES bigger than this game.

Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

big rigs over road racingThe only thing fancy about this game is ITS name. Everything else is a disaster. The models of the cars look right out of a class animation project by a 10 year old. The entire gameworld is broken and FUBAR. You can drive through almost every 3d object in the game.


The animations are so horrid, it will make you dizzy after playing a few minutes and the controls are absolutely unplayable. We wonder what made the developers release the game in the state that they did. The pot they were smoking throughout development must have been far better than the game turned out to be. Pity, it couldn’t save the game from being tagged as one of the worst racing games ever made.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity

Now, I know many fanboys would be incredibly pissed at the inclusion of this game in our list. I can already hear the choicest of expletives thrown our way but make no mistake this game is cancer. Assassin’s Creed series was already on a downward ride due to over saturation and Ubisoft’s attempt to milk it dry by releasing a game every fucking year. But this game,…. just pushed everything over.

The game was incredibly broken, the visuals weren’t really up to the mark when it comes to other AC games and nothing about this game was worthy of being a AC title. However, the worst part was that the game was almost unplayable at launch.



Ubisoft did a huge disservice to the community by releasing a terribly broken product and people who paid good money weren’t able to enjoy it. Ubisoft did realize their mistakes and issued an apology later, Unity also compelled them to eventually realize how incredibly greedy it had become and hence they announced earlier this year that they have done away with the yearly release schedule for Assassin’s Creed games. I wouldn’t blame them, making money is not worth the embarrassment that rushed games such as Unity can bring.