7 Horrible Games That Should Never Be Played

Vampire Rain

Vampire Rain Game
Chances are you’ve not played this game. Consider yourself incredibly lucky if that’s the case. This Artoon developed game claims to be a survival horror stealth game. Fancy and ambitious and you got to agree the name isn’t bad either. But that’s where all the good things about this game ends.

The game looked like a cheap Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell rip off, had the worst possible A.I I’ve seen in a videogame, the level design was so horrid that it was almost unplayable. The interface was also designed poorly and the game’s U.I looked really confusing.

Homefront: The Revolution


It’s hardly been a few weeks since the release of Homefront: The Revolution and it’s already made its way to this coveted shit list. To be fair though, it’s a miracle the game even managed to get released at all. The original publisher for the game, THQ, went bankrupt and shut down ages ago and even then it saw the rights and development being shifted around for years.

The main team, left, and then again rejoined to create this game. No one was expecting this game to win GOTY awards due to all these reasons but it still doesn’t justify how terrible it turned out to be.

Not only did the game was clear downgrade visuals wise from the trailers shown, the entire experience seemed buggy and broken. The gameplay was incredibly linear and the animations looked stiff.

It felt like a really uninspired experience and the oddly enough if you’re a braveheart who actually finished this game, you were greeted with an end-game screen that mentions how hard it was to make this game.

There was a much easier way to acknowledge this though, Crytek and the developers should have just accepted that this game was shit and thrown all the development data into a trash can instead of releasing it and making a lot of gamers suffer as a result.