6 Reasons You Need To Get Dark Souls 3 When It’s Released

The Souls franchise is one of the biggest in gaming today. Now come April 12th, the third iteration into the Dark Souls series will be released worldwide, and it seems From Software has managed to score another hit.

The reviews on this game are astounding. Most reviewing boards are giving it at least a 90%. It’s always great to see a company releasing quality content every time they make a game, considering it’s become somewhat of a rarity now days.

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Odds are if you enjoyed the first two Dark Souls games, Bloodborne, or Demon Souls, you’re definitely looking forward to April 12th. But how can we convince someone who’s never picked one up to buy it, or someone that tried, but was turned off?

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Well, AlltimeGaming on YouTube has given their 6 Reasons Dark Souls 3 Is A Game You Must Play, and we gotta agree with them on every point they make. Definitely check out their video if you’ve either never tried a Souls game, or if you just want to get more hyped for it.

Oh, while you’re at it, here’s 5 other games Dark Souls fans would love, along with a guy setting the record for Dark Souls 3, with video.


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