Savage Gamer Beat Dark Souls III’s First Boss Using A Dance Pad

Image: There has been a lot instances in the past where the players had beaten Dark Soul games in unorthodox ways. Players, in the past have used drums and guitar controllers and many other unconventional tools to beat the earlier versions of the Dark Souls games. This time an YouTuber called Rudeism has beaten a … Read more

Some Guy Made This Dark Souls III Rap And People Are Going Nuts Over It

Last week JT Machinima uploaded a Dark Souls III rap onto YouTube that they created, and it’s pretty epic. During the video there are clips from actual game play, along with cut scenes and dramatic sequences. The video is about six minutes long, so you know that this wasn’t something that was put together by scraping … Read more

How To Unlock All The Secret Dark Souls 3 Endings

source: The Dark Souls series is recognized in the gaming community primarily for its difficulty. It sometimes seems that simply this alone can result in many overlooking just how many elements factor into the incredible franchise, a franchise which has shocked the gaming industry more than a couple of times – three times, to be exact. Hey, … Read more

6 Games That Are Harder Than Dark Souls 3

You may have clicked on to this article thinking “there is no such thing as a game harder than Dark Souls 3”. You may think me a madman merely for suggesting a claim of this preposterous magnitude. Well, allow me to draw your attention to the following list of titles which, I think you will … Read more

6 Reasons You Need To Get Dark Souls 3 When It’s Released

The Souls franchise is one of the biggest in gaming today. Now come April 12th, the third iteration into the Dark Souls series will be released worldwide, and it seems From Software has managed to score another hit. The reviews on this game are astounding. Most reviewing boards are giving it at least a 90%. … Read more