Kickstarter Received $202M For Video Game Projects

Everyone’s favorite crowd sourcing website, Kickstarter, has just revealed some interesting number figures from 2013. 2013 alone has brought in over $480 million to Kickstarter and from that, over $202 million was responsible from video game related projects alone.

The Kickstarter team has even put together some clips and popular projects that may not have ever seen the light of day if it wasn’t for a single idea brought to the public in hopes to receive enough pledges to hit the production line. In fact there’s a good chance you may have a product you use daily that was a result from Kickstarter.

The company certainly thrived from 2013 as there was even a spike increase of pledges from 2012 where the total only amounted to $320 million. If projects and pledges continue to go in the current direction, Kickstarter isn’t leaving anytime soon.

I personally can’t wait to see just what big video game hits come from Kickstarter next and if you personally would like to view the Kickstarter slideshow showing off a few astounding projects from 2013 then you can do so by clicking here.