Kickstarter Received $202M For Video Game Projects

Everyone’s favorite crowd sourcing website, Kickstarter, has just revealed some interesting number figures from 2013. 2013 alone has brought in over $480 million to Kickstarter and from that, over $202 million was responsible from video game related projects alone. The Kickstarter team has even put together some clips and popular projects that may not have … Read more

PS3/PS4 Controller – In-depth Comparison

We have been swooning over the PS4 for some time now. The PS4 is set to revolutionize gaming from everything we have gathered till now. So, how far does the DualShock 4 differ from our companion of seven years, the DualShock 3? Let’s find out. The fundamental difference that has been affected in the DualShock … Read more

Sony patents Tablet-Like Controller Design

A patent filing last summer by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has revealed a controller called the ‘Eyepad’ that the console giant had likely prototyped after the announcement of the Wii U by Nintendo. The description of the ‘Eyepad’ terms it as being “typically a panel, tablet or slab-like device comprising one or more illuminated regions, … Read more