Sony patents Tablet-Like Controller Design

A patent filing last summer by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has revealed a controller called the ‘Eyepad’ that the console giant had likely prototyped after the announcement of the Wii U by Nintendo. The description of the ‘Eyepad’ terms it as being “typically a panel, tablet or slab-like device comprising one or more illuminated regions, two stereoscopic video cameras and optionally a [touchpad]“.

The design looks like a inspired version of the Wii U controller and the iPad combined with some added bonuses such as tracking capabilities from the PlayStation EyeToy. This could mean that the controller is designed to revolve around motion-sensing games.

However, this only looks like a safe move by Sony and one shouldn’t expect an actual device like this any time in the future. This is just a method to ensure no one can move past Sony to make such a controller, if it comes to that. But, we doubt Sony will leave their focus on core games to pursue such activities anytime in the future.

Via EuroGamer