Three Exclusives to be announced alongside PS4 Reveal

We are closing in on Sony’s big announcement on the PlayStation 4, and we are already getting news about new PS4 games going into development.

The first game said to be in development for the PS4 is Killzone 4. The game will follow Killzone 3, which was the first game to be launched in 3D.

The second game said to be in development is the next LittleBigPlanet. It is unclear if the game will be a follow up to the last LittleBigPlanet or a new franchise. The only clue is a Toyah Wilcox YouTube video performed on Top of the Pops called It’s a Mystery.

The third game will likely be a new Motorstorm game. Evolution Studios dropped the not so subtle hint “10 days.” The last Motorstorm game was for the PS Vita.

10 Days!

— Paul Rustchynsky (@Rushy33) February 10, 2013

If these games materialize, that would be a solid start for Sony and would leave a number of their heavy hitters to come in the coming years (like Uncharted and God Of War). There are bound to be more leaks in the coming days like the one we have had about the PS4 Eye.