GameStop Is Looking To Sell PlayStation Now Subscriptions

News broke from a senior public relations director who made mention to GameSpot that the brick-and-mortar retail shop would like to partner up with Sony. This comes to no surprise as the company already sells PlayStation Plus cards but there’s no news just yet if Sony will grant another partnership with GameStop.

In fact we’re unsure on how Sony will even monetize PlayStation Now. Although, the service is expected to be something completely separate from PlayStation Plus but the cost of the service is purely speculation.  With the announcement of PlayStation Now at CES this year, GameStop has lost more than nine percent in shares but has slowly managed to recover.

The new service announcement alone has certainly affected GameStop and it very well could take out the popular mailing retail company GameFly. When asked if the service would affect GameFly the company representative made mention that the service is far too new to understand any potential impacts. It would seem as though the service will heavily depend on the price point and just how well it can actually handle streaming video games from a cloud source.

For those who are still unfamiliar with PlayStation Now, this is Sony’s answer to the backwards compatibility for the PlayStation 4. The service was announced at CES this year and shown off as to how different Sony PlayStation consoles could access the cloud and play a large catalog of video games. As of right now, the PlayStation Now service is in the beta phase with no announcement as to when an actual full release of the service will be made.