Kickstarter Received $202M For Video Game Projects

Everyone’s favorite crowd sourcing website, Kickstarter, has just revealed some interesting number figures from 2013. 2013 alone has brought in over $480 million to Kickstarter and from that, over $202 million was responsible from video game related projects alone. The Kickstarter team has even put together some clips and popular projects that may not have … Read more

The Last of Us wins Amazon GOTY Award

Naughty Dog’s proved that they are the best developer out there, no doubt. With The Last of US which managed to receive outstanding positive reviews, it proved that they are one of the best. Amazon has revealed  its “Best of 2013” list for video games, and  The Last of Us happen to be top dog in there. The … Read more

PS4 “release plans” for Gamescom 2013

The official Sony site has been teasing fans, making them yearn for more information on the next-gen console so they can tune into the Gamescom event in a couple days. Sony’s page has mentioned that their fans can expect to see more news on the “release plans” of the PS4. They will also continue … Read more

6 Upcoming PS3 Games You Can’t Miss

The age of the PS3 is nearing its final desitnation. Our faithful gaming companion for so many years is finally coming to the end of its life span. But we take heart in the fact that the incoming games on the PS3 that are slated to be released in a span of few months promise … Read more

Sony will focus on the PS4 at Gamescom

Just like we expected, it has been been confirmed by an official Sony Facebook page that they key ingredient for Sony at this years Gamescom will be to talk about the upcoming PS4 and the line-up of games. The message was pretty much expected, considering that the next-gen console is going to be released in … Read more

E3 2013: 8 Games To Watch Out For

E3 was mind-blowing this year, literally. Microsoft was almost floored by Sony. Much more has been offered by Sony than Microsoft for a much lesser price. Whoever wins the war of the two giants, gamers will definitely be benefited. A plethora of games were showcased. Few proved a dud but overall, the games managed to … Read more

Murdered: Soul Suspect announcement trailer

Square-Enix  has revealed the first debut trailer for Murdered: Soul Suspect. Square-Enix will share more information about this mystery game at E3 next week. “MURDERED: SOUL SUSPECT sees players take the role of Ronan O’Connor, a detective with a checkered past, whose life is brought to an untimely end by a brutal and relentless killer. Unable to … Read more