15 Insane PC Builds That Will Make You Drool

We’ve shown you the ridiculously expensive gaming setups from all over the net, now it’s time to see how crazy people can get with their beloved PC builds.

When scouring the web for each different build, I was looking for originality, creativity and just sheer bravado and I’ve came across some amazing designs.

Here’s what we’ve found –




This homemade build from an old NES system would look great in the living room.

Created by modder James Regan, he’s managed to maintain full use out of the old ports, turning what was the consoles controller ports into USB slot. It runs on a ASRock A330GC Mini Itx Motherboard for which he said managed to fit perfectly in the Old NES case once it was all cut out. It contains a Dual Core Intel Atom 330 Processor 1.60 Ghz and runs pretty smooth.

This TIE Fighter replica is brilliantly made. Looks like a must have for a good Battlefront session.

The force is strong with this TIE Fighter replica, it’s brilliantly made. and looks like a must have for a good Battlefront session. The PC itself is built right into the cockpit! I hope it makes that glorious TIE Fighter noise as it powers up.


This wall mounted rig is a stunning feature in any room, it packs an Intel Core i7 950, Asus Rampage III Extreme mobo, 2x AMD HD7970 GPUs, 6x 2GB Corsair Dominator RAM, 4x 120GB Corsair Force GT SSDs, and an extensive watercooling setup. The proud owner, Redditor GoodAtIt estimates the total cost for the build at around $4,000 — $2,500 for hardware and $1,500 for the watercooling and parts.


Ever thought a PC can make a decorative piece? This build would agree, with its glass surface and clever use of lighting it could be an ornament rather than a top gaming pc.


This ‘Flight Simulator’ style build has a unique cockpit-like design, perfect for those hectic dogfight moments. It even uses extra displays within the unit.

Here are a few more insane PC builds that will make you go weak in your Knees.


I found this Pyramid build in a forum, it stands 25″ from your desk and is filled with an array of LED lights to light your workplace.


This steel chassis build is an engineer’s dream, painted red it gives the pc a study aesthetic.


This borderlands inspired PC could have been taken straight from the game. Modded by Redditor CrazyLefty and his wife this build takes the coop Borderlands another step further with its AMD FX-8350 processor, Asus Crosshair V, 16GB Mushkin Redline memory, 2x Asus Matrix GTX 580 in SLI and Thermaltake Water 2.0 Extreme coolers.


I’m not sure how safe a water tank build is, but it sure does look great. It’s definitely one of the more unusual builds on the web.


This cute Wall-e build really shows the craftsmanship put into some of these amazing builds, complete with working disk tray just like the movie.


Fitted with a slim fit DVD drive and a Foxconn 7900GS graphics card, this drum kit design would look great in the living area of a studio apartment, or could attract attention to the desired corner of a large living room.


When one screen just isn’t enough. This battle station is fitted with six screens and accompanied by two laptops.


Techy but have always had a greenthumb? This is just the PC for you.


This water-cooled custom pc desk built by modder Corey Gregory would be a perfect fit to any gaming cave.


This custom built PC desk was designed and built using Unity desk, it’s fully watercooled under ther hood. Watch the video below to see its creation.

YouTube video