You Could Download A Game In Seconds With New 5 Gbps Internet Speeds

Internet speeds are now getting so high that you should soon be able to download entire new games in just seconds [via GameSpot].

AT&T is leading the charge for fast internet speeds in the US. It’s currently rolling out new services to 5 million customers with a 2Gbps and 5Gbps option. That’s way faster than most customers have ever been offered in the US. It’s also much faster than the average speed in most other countries.

To put these monumental speeds into perspective, let’s work out how long it would take to download a recently released game. Massive open world games usually take up a large amount of space, and Horizon Forbidden West is no different. In Europe, the download size is about 96GB.

Credit: Sony/Guerrilla Games

Just how fast are these internet speeds?

If you were to download Forbidden West on a 2Gbps connection, it would take you around 48 seconds. On a 5Gbps connection, it would take you about 19.2 seconds. Those are mind boggling speeds for a game as huge as Horizon. It almost begs the question of why you’d ever use a streaming service for the convenience.

However, it’s going to be a few years until speeds like these become the mainstream. AT&T estimates that it will be able to offer up to 30 million customers these internet services by the end of 2025.

And the service will come at a huge cost, too. With no other ISP offering these speeds just yet, AT&T can charge whatever it likes. For no caps on data usage, the company is charging $110 per month for 2Gbps and $180 per month for 5Gbps. I don’t know what’s more eyewatering – the speed or the price.


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