Dying Light 2 Has A Star Wars Force Choke Easter Egg

Dying Light 2 has a lot of content to discover, and one easter egg features a Star Wars style “force choke” blueprint.

But this easter egg has a twist. It’s a Star Wars easter egg hidden within a DOOM easter egg. And if that sounds bizarre to you, let me explain.

In Dying Light 2, there’s a recreation of a room from DOOM, complete with a DOOM-style shotgun. It’s hidden in the bottom of the VNC skyscraper, and you can find it by getting five evil rubber duckies dotted around Villedor.


And inside that room, you can find the second easter egg. This is a crafting blueprint which gives a Star Wars-style ‘Force Choke’ ability to the player.

How To Find The Easter Egg

YouTube video

This video by AshesWolf on YouTube shows all five locations for the ducks, which unlocks the room featuring the easter eggs. Once you’ve found them all, you can head to the VNC tower and progress through the basement to unlock the ability.

It’s called ‘Dying Force’, and crafting the Dying Force ability will cost you 369 scrap. Once you’ve got it unlocked, you can force choke just about anyone. However, it’s not quite as powerful as the classic Star Wars force choke.


The Dying Force ability lasts for 16 uses before breaking, so use it wisely before having to craft it again.

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[Featured Image Credit: Disney/Techland]