Xbox teases PlayStation in the most savage way over PS4 Pro announcement

Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro announcement was a mixed bag with many feeling that the device wasn’t upto their expectations. The official Xbox twitter handle didn’t miss the opportunity to take a few potshots at its competitor over its apparent lack of a few features that its own consoles possess.

They didn’t outright attack Sony but instead chose to highlight how their Xbox One Slim version contains all the features that the PS4 Pro does and also ones that it’s missing (4K Blu ray playback)



It also made it clear that while its own Xbox One S costs a mere $299, the PS4 pro will cost $499. Also it bought into notice how the slim is smaller than the original Xbox One while the PS4 Pro will actually be bigger than its predecessor.


It is to be noted however that the PS4 Pro’s true competitor isn’t the Xbox One S, but the upcoming Xbox Scorpio, details of which aren’t readily available at the moment.


Things didn’t end here however, as Xbox got another opportunity to take a dig at Sony thanks to Bethesda. The company revealed that it’s cancelling mod support for Fallout 4 and the upcoming Skyrim remaster on PlayStation devices since Sony doesn’t allow it.

This gave Xbox the perfect chance to take another dig at its competitor.