WTF! 12GB PS3 coming to North America

Apparently the 12GB newest version of the PS3, has already launched in Europe and Hong Kong, and it looks like it is going to be released in North America as well!

When I first read about this, I had to look twice to make sure I was reading the right number. I mean 12 GB is so freaking small, my phone’s SD card has more memory than that!

The item is already “In Stock” at a Canadian retailer called Future Shop for $199.99.


I find that price pretty ridiculous or $200, I seriously think they should just sell it for $100. What’s the point of buying a newer version of a PS3 for $199, when you can just get the previous versions for maybe $50 more with a couple hundred more Gigabytes.

Image taken from a U.S. Kmart stock room
Image taken from a U.S. Kmart stock room “Do not Sell” till August 18th

Okay maybe it is reasonable to those who don’t use a lot of memory, meaning they don’t download anything at all. But c’mon, with all the great deals we get though the PlayStation store, how can someone not download something so awesome.

I just don’t see the point in buying this, especially when the PS4 is coming out in a matter of months. I do believe it looks a little nicer, it’s just not convincing enough, especially with that puny 12 GB.


What do you think about this 12 GB PS3? Comment below.