Payday 2 has planned “a year of DLC” and decision for Female Character

Game Director of Overkill Software David Goldfarb was in a recent interview where he gave some information on their upcoming next-gen titles, and even talked about his suggestion towards some of the games.

With a new generation of gaming ahead of us, Goldfarb was not shy of telling readers what he had in mind. The guy is determined to take chances, “I was really tired of making these huge games and not being able to be risky.”

Goldfarb states, “There’s like a year of DLC planned. I’m hoping – I don’t know if we’ll get [female characters] as our first DLC, because we’d have to redo all the animations so it doesn’t look like a dude walking around with a female body. But I’d like to do that.”


“Believe me, I have said this and we’ve talked about it, so I think it will happen, it’s just a question of when on the timeline. Because I want, like I said, I want my daughters to be able to – no, I’d need to wait a bit for that – but in theory, it’d be cool for them to mask up. I just think it’d be cool if we had both, that’s all. It’s definitely on our list. One of the many things that are on our list.”

He even mentioned that some people on the team don’t like the idea of prominent female characters in the game, as if it will ruin the dynamic role of the characters.

He goes on to say, “We had some that said, ‘Well, we don’t want to publish it because that’s not going to succeed. You can’t have a female character in games. It has to be a male character, simple as that.’”

From my perspective, I really like the idea of Payday 2 having a woman character. The game recently came out, and I’ve been enjoying it a lot. I would definitely consider buying the DLC that contains the female character.

For the guy that said “You can’t have a female character in games”. I believe that we should have the options to choose who we want to be. There are a lot of successful games where the female is the main character, and it is never going to stop.


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