Defiance ‘Castithan Charge Pack’ DLC Release Date Announced

It is official, Trion Worlds is releasing the first DLC (for all platforms) of their popular MMO game ‘Defiance’ on August 20th.

The company plans to make some money with the release of the Castithan Charge Pack, which is the game’s first paid post-launch content.

The new DLC costs $10, contains new missions, more customization choices, and even a vehicle that can seat four passengers at once.

Check out the features below:

  • Castithan character (current characters are convertible)
  • Massive Siege battles against the Volge
  • Castithan blade rewards and new Battle areas
  • Players can fight against one another (best out of 3)
  • Raptor truck now drive-able with up to 4 passengers
  • New charge weapons such as pistols, shotguns, and sniper rifles
  • More adventure of course

If you bought the $40 season pass, it should be available for you to download on the release date.

YouTube video


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