We Have Been Wrong About A Major Thanos ‘Infinity War’ Scene All Along

Thanks to Marvel finally dropping the Endgame trailer, all our fan theories have kind of shifted on from Infinity War and focused on that new two minute clip.

With the fate of the Avengers being left on such uncertain terms, it’s understandable that fans are clambering to piece together any kind of information they can ahead of the fourth instalment.

However a new revelation has come about regarding one of the final scenes in Infinity War that involves Thanos.

If you recall, shortly after that finger snap, you know the one that wipes out half of the universe – we see Thanos reunite with a young Gamora, in which most of us assumed was the Soul World.

Marvel / Disney

Well it turns out it isn’t actually as straightforward as that, as Avengers: Infinity War VFX artists have revealed that the Soul World may not be what it seems.

Digital Domain’s Kelly Port and Marvel Studios’ Dan DeLeeuw have said that there’s no official name for the mysterious, orange-hued location.

Speaking to IGN, Port and DeLeeuw revealed that they actually referred to it as “the way station”, Port adding: “I don’t think it’s a place that actually exists.”

DeLeeuw also elaborated: “It was interesting, because Thanos being that lead character, normally… you can get very introspective.

“The metaphysical way station came along, and we think, that would be interesting. But from a storytelling perspective, I thought it was really wonderful that that sequence stayed in there, because [it’s] really a nice kind of pause.

“Like, it just goes straight from the snap to people flipping out.

“It had this moment of reflection, which I thought was really nice just in the narrative, reflecting about what he has done.”

As the countdown to the release of the fourth Avengers movie continues, fan theories are well and truly in full swing.

One of the latest suggestions doesn’t bode well for Captain America.

With Chris Evans ‘apparently’ bowing out after Phase 3, should we prepare for an emotional farewell for the star-spangled hero? The end of The First Avenger had Cap survive a brush with death when his plane crashed in the Arctic. In a tragic Endgame twist, the theory guesses tha Rogers won’t wake up after being defrosted in the future. Instead, he’ll fly to his heroic death while looking at a picture of Peggy Carter — *sob* get those tissues ready.