Should Video Games Get The Oscar Treatment?

It’s all well and good for Leonardo and Jennifer Lawrence to claim their fame with the golden yellow trophies in the film world, but what about on the other side of the metaphorical pond. What would happen if video games were given the golden trophies instead of films? Would Drake get most anticipated of  E3 2014? Would Crash Bandicoot earn most memorable yelp of pain from childhood memories? And finally would Cortex get biggest forehead in video game history?

Personally I think video games should get the Oscar treatment especially with the potential developers have with the next gen consoles on the market. Here are the first five to get the ball rolling…

#5  Most Memorable Character: Crash Bandicoot!

The long nosed, heavy eyebrowed creature has always had a place in players' hearts everywhere.
The long nosed, heavy eyebrowed creature has always had a place in players’ hearts everywhere.

It’s been awhile since any Crash Bandicoot game has come out, but one that is embedded in the mind of every nineties gamer is this fuzzy face creature. From annoying yelps to running from rolling stones (no link to the band), Naughty Dog didn’t know it at the time but they hadn’t just created a legend but a childhood hero. Definitely worthy of an Oscar or two!

#4 Most Value For Money DLC: Whistleblower!

It may be fantastic DLC but could it OUTLAST it’s competitors?

Always in need of a fresh pair of undies, the Red Barrel gang took feedback into account with Outlast which was already a best seller, and gave fans a DLC defiantly worth a fresh pair of underwear. But with more DLC coming out for new titles can Whistleblower keep it’s golden Oscar?

#3 Most Likely To Attract Raging Eight Year Old Boys: Call of Duty Ghosts!

The constantly active mute and report button is a downfall for this FPS shooter.
The constantly active mute and report button is a downfall for this FPS shooter.

Ah, where would any Oscars be without a Call Of Duty title? Sadly thought it’s not for jaw dropping graphics or game changing multiplayer, it’s for the eight year old boys, who are the only reason anyone, anywhere will need to use the mute button. If it wasn’t for these select few it would be useless, we salute you everywhere eight year old boys. Good show.

#2 Most Likely To Prompt Suicide: Towerfall Ascension!

Bows, ghosts and why people with terets shouldn't play this game.
It may have won an Oscar, but will it fall or ascend for yet more glory?

Ah yes, this months’ free PSN game. The countless enemies and impossible round is short work of any temper, to those with low self esteem it may be wise to avoid the immensely frustrating Towerfall Ascension.

#1 Most Anticipated Breasts: Tomb Raider

It’s behind you…

And here we are at the end of the not so long list, but then again this was just to get the ball rolling! The world would be a very dark place if gamers didn’t find all the collectibles to unlock a model of Lara Croft and then have some very valued alone time. But I could be wrong, have I misjudged? Are there more memorable breasts this year? I pass the baton on to fans to take the Oscars into their own hands!

Think we missed something? Let us know what you think!