The Game Awards 2018: Crash Team Racing Reboot Officially Announced

It’s been announced that PlayStation One cult classic title, Crash Team Racing, is getting a remake. Hooray! Revealed as a part of The Game Awards 2018, the news isn’t too much of a shock, as people has their suspicions about the project thanks to posts on Twitter and Reddit. Over on the r/crashbandicoot subreddit, a user by … Read more

A Crash Bandicoot Announcement Could Be Coming In The Next Few Days

Reddit sleuths believe that Activision may have something up its sleeve when it comes to Crash Bandicoot. Posting on the r/crashbandicoot subreddit, a user by the name nautjordan shared a Twitter screenshot that suggests we might be getting a Crash announcement if Activision’s past history is anything to go by. It seems that Activision has sent out Crash Bandicoot … Read more

5 upcoming single player games that you can play for more than 100 hours

Whether it’s nostalgia or your excitement for the next big game. There is always a reason that your favorite games offer such high replay-ability for you. These are five upcoming single-player games that can offer you more than 100 hours of pure, fun, gameplay. Whether it’s 100% the game, a long story, multiple endings or you … Read more

Crash Bandicoot Remastered PS4 Box Art and Release Date Confirmed?

Image: When Sony announced they were remastering Crash Bandicoot, fans of the series were eager for the nostalgia of the classic series. While details have been few and far between, recent revelations provide some insight into when we may see a release. Over the last week multiple stores across the globe have added place … Read more

The Absolute Worst Moments of E3 2016

The lack of Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay Mass Effect has an absolutely massive cult following, all committed and dedicated to seeing their franchise succeed, do well, and impress. Andromeda didn’t have much of a presence at E3 2016, and naturally, quite a few people are upset by this; most prominently, the long-term fans of the … Read more

3 Crash Bandicoot games have been confirmed for PS4

So the Sony E3 press conference is under way and a wave of games are being announced. One of those is crash bandicoot. The image above is a screenshot from the upcoming skylanders game. Crash Bandicoot will return to PlayStation platforms in Skylanders Imaginators this October, followed by remasters of the first three games in … Read more

GTA V Video Shows How Modern Crash Bandicoot Would Look Like

It doesn’t take a hardcore gamer to feel the prominence Grand Theft Auto has in the wonderful world of video games, after all, parents are approached by their sons/daughters every five years or so, hyperventilating and slobbering about the new game and how awesome it’s going to be and ‘mum mum mum pleeeeease’, you know … Read more