A Crash Bandicoot Announcement Could Be Coming In The Next Few Days

Reddit sleuths believe that Activision may have something up its sleeve when it comes to Crash Bandicoot.

Posting on the r/crashbandicoot subreddit, a user by the name nautjordan shared a Twitter screenshot that suggests we might be getting a Crash announcement if Activision’s past history is anything to go by.

Credit: Activision

It seems that Activision has sent out Crash Bandicoot cookies to ChampChong, which is definitely a random gift.

Twitter user TheWumpaGem writes: “I just realized..

“We have a celebrity showing off unique goodies representing an Activision IP (Crash in this case)

“When this happens, an official announcement would pop up a few days later (example: James Harden w/ BO4 cap)

“My god, is it coming sooner than I thought? #TGA2018”

It definitely fits with how Activision has made announcements in the past, and we do have The Game Awards 2018 right around the corner…

Credit: Naughty Dog

On Reddit, fans are already speculating what such an announcement could be, with the majority of people hoping, praying and wishing for a remaster of the ever-popular Crash Team Racing, originally released in 1999.

Another hint has also cropped up on Twitter, where Holly Bennett of PlayStation Access shared the following tweet, which might suggest a racing game is coming…

Not everyone is convinced by the potential hint though, with one Redditer saying: “Not trying to downplay champchong or anything, but if they were to tease something like this, why choose him?

Credit: Naughty Dog

“Crash Bandicoot is a huge property, wouldn’t they be more likely to choose someone twice as big or even bigger to tease this? I know I sound like an *sshole, but this doesn’t seem like they’re teasing the remakes.”

What do you think of the gift from Activision?