What Was Missing During E3 2014?

It was clear that this year’s E3 was all about the games. With consoles out on market, it was time that we see just what is coming out in the next few months to a year. While this year developers showed off some amazing video game titles, we were a bit bummed in a few things. Find … Read more

Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 4 Steals The Show!

Years have passed since the humble but bar setting beginnings of Naughty Dog’s first game Crash Bandicoot, and it’s needless to say that Naughty Dog created their first masterpiece. The Masterpiece. Crash Bandicoot didn’t make an appearance at this years E3 but a something else did; and well it has everyone at PlayStation pretty excited. Undoubtedly fans of the Uncharted series will already know all about … Read more