Fallout 4: This Mod Allows you to use Lightsabers as Weapons

It’s Star Wars season and going on a killing rampage with any firearm in Fallout 4 isn’t so cool this season. But rest assured, as Modder invalidfate has taken care of your cool quotient and made the new “Light saber Renew”, so that you move on with the trend, every time you enter the wastelands of Fallout 4.
This mod allows you to equip a light saber and it comes with all authentic sound effects, every time you put it in action. The light saber is available in red, blue, green and pink colors only, for now.
Chayification has reviewed this LightSaber mode, besides showing how to activate it.

YouTube video

Also bloodironzero shows this mod in action.

YouTube video

You can download the Light saber Renew mod here.

After watching The Force Awakens, going against the Commonwealth equipped with a light saber is exponentially entertaining.