Ubisoft Issues Warning As AFK Issue Arises In Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical shooter where every player counts, so its rising AFK issue has resulted in manual sanctions from Ubisoft.

The shooter, which launched in 2015, has seen the issue arise in recent weeks. Players use AFK bots to level up accounts, without actually having to take part in matches. Bots are programmed to move and shot randomly, so to avoid AFK detection.

The issue has resulted in a wave of manual sanctions, as Ubisoft begins work to root out those spoiling the game.

Credit: Ubisoft


Rainbow Six Siege has recently enjoyed the launch of Crystal Guard and introduction of new operator Osa. The new season say the game shoot up the Twitch charts. However, like the cheating issues that have plagued Warzone, Rainbow Six Siege could be in some trouble.

The Rainbow Six team were quick to address the matter, when it posted on Twitter:

Credit: Twitter

Ubisoft announced that it would immediately begin “a wave of manual sanctions”. However, surprisingly, it was also announced that it would be “evaluating design changes to alleviate the issue”. A new automatic AFK detection would be added to the game.

However, Ubisoft also urged players to report the issue if they come across it. AFK is typically quite difficult to detect, as long as the player in question is making some kind of movement. With the mentioned scripted movements, these AFK bots can easily blend into the game as far as the programming is concerned.

Hopefully, we’ll see these new changes implemented quickly. We’ve seen what can happen to games that fail to address their cheating issue. The likes of NICKMERCS dropped from Warzone amid the ongoing hacking issues.

Have you come across AFK bots in Rainbow Six Siege? Let us know over on our social channels!

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Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft