Two Simple Settings Can Improve The Graphics Of The Division Beta On Consoles

Have you had a chance to sink your teeth into the beta for Tom Clancy’s The Division yet?


Recently we took a peek at the amazing live action trailers for the game. There are two quick settings on the console versions of The Division that can really help improve the look of the game (but they won’t quite get it looking like real life.) PC gamers are used to tweaking their video settings, but just in case you’re on Xbox One or PS4 and didn’t think to check – here’s the deal:

The two settings that you should take a look at are Sharpness and Chromatic Aberration.

Sharpness – When you increase sharpness, it will improve your anti-aliasing and decreases some of the blur. Decreasing sharpness will add a white halo/glowing effect to some edges.

Chromatic Aberration – This post-processing effect can be toggled on or off. It gives the game kind of a “decayed” look, it’s a style thing. Some people like it, some people don’t – suit yourself!


Some of it comes down to personal preference, but some of the video settings will depend on your television, too. What looks great on one TV might not look ideal on another, so play around and find whatever looks best to you.

If you want to see the differences for yourself, and to hear a more in-depth explaination of these settings, check out this video:

YouTube video