Twitch Streamer Sliker Banned After Watching NSFW Amouranth Documentary On VICE

Sliker, a streamer on Twitch, was temporarily banned after watching an NSFW Amouranth VICE documentary on stream.

Amouranth made the documentary with VICE last December. The video talks about her life as a streamer, including the hate she has received and what goes into her job.

However, streamers who are watching the documentary live are receiving bans. This is due to the fact that the interview covers things that led to Amouranth being banned before. And that’s exactly what happened to Sliker after he watched the documentary.


Sliker x Amouranth – Twitch Strikes Again!

At some points in the documentary, footage from Amouranth’s OnlyFans account is shown. This could be what is leading to streamers being banned for streaming the video on Twitch.

Sliker, who had named his first stream of 2022 “Better year trust me”, was promptly banned after viewing the content. He was unbanned 24 hours later on the 2nd of January. In response to his ban, he said, “That title did not last long”. He received an email mentioning “accidental nudity and explicit content” which led to his ban.

Other streamers apparently viewed the same documentary on stream, but smartly managed to avoid more racy material. That includes streamers such as HasanAbi and Mizkif. HasanAbi was recently temporarily banned on Twitch for using the word “cracker” to describe white people.


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[Featured Image Credit: Amouranth]