Amazon Bans Itself On Twitch After Broadcasting NSFW Content

The Amazon owned streaming platform, Twitch, has banned one of its own channels after broadcasting NSFW content. We’re no stranger to seeing Twitch hand out platform suspensions and bans. Streamers like Amouranth and xQc have seen their fair share of suspensions. Last week, HasanAbi was also banned for alleged white racism. However, in a strange … Read more

Twitch Reportedly Had A ‘No Ban List’ For Streamers Who Broke Rules

Twitch reportedly once had a list of streamers that would never be banned under any circumstances, but it’s apparently no longer in use. Twitch has certainly had a time of it recently. Some streamers are being banned with no explanation. The platform is having teething troubles with its new ‘Boost’ feature. And who can forget … Read more