Top 10 Rarest Most Valuable PlayStation Games

PlayStation Gang is doing a series of features. We’re going to go over the rarest and most valuable PlayStation video games. If you’re looking to add toward your collection or just looking to see if you have a rare gem in the video games you’ve picked up, this list may help you out. For now, we’re going to go over the PlayStation 1 and mind you that these are not in any particular order.


Note: These are the most valuable games for the PlayStation 1 as of writing this article. Prices can rise or lower over time. Prices are averages at the time of writing this article. 


10. Elemental Gearbolt Assassin Case


New: N/A | Used: $3,000


Included in the Elemental Gearbolt Assassin Case is the video game Elemental Gearbolt along with a limited edition gold light gun, memory card and carrying case. Back when E3 was a free expo for just anyone, these cases were given away to both journalists and general public attendees in 1998. With a very limited supply, getting your hands on one of these is beyond rare and the price starts at a base of $3,000.


9. LSD: Dream Emulator [Japan]


New: N/A | Used: $230


Released in Japan, LSD Dream Emulator is a slightly odd game. The game itself is based off a dream journal of Hiroko Nishikawa. Hiroko happened to be a staff member of Asmik Ace Entertainment which ended up allowing development of the title. With over 10 years worth of dreams to pick through, this game got slightly odd and even disturbing at some points. Oddly enough, LSD: Dream Emulator actually grew a cult following.


8. Suikoden II


New: $300 | Used: $140


Developed by Konami, Suikoden II takes place years after the events from Suikoden. The game released in 1998 first in Japan and offered players over a hundred characters to play through as. Played out as a RPG, the game evolves around a special rune stone the protagonist earns after saving the city of Jowston in a massive war.


7. The Misadventures of Tron Bonne


New: $300 | Used: $120


This Capcom title was released in 1999. The Misadventures of Tron Bonne is actually a video game that is set in part of the Mega Man series. What makes this game stand out is that players won’t be taking control of any of the heroes like Megaman or Roll Caskett but an anti-hero known as Tron Bonne, the sister of the infamous Bonne family air pirates. Played out like a platformer, TMOTB offers three different gameplay styles which includes puzzle and action stages.


6. Tales of Destiny


New: $150 | Used: $90


Tales of Destiny, developed by Wolf Team, is apart of of the Tales series and just so happens to remain the highest-selling Tales title. With its release, this RPG title managed to sell over a million copies world wide. Players take control of a boy named Stahn Aileron who dreams of becoming a great adventurer. In purse of his dream Stahn stowaways in a flying ship. While on the voyage, the ship gets attacked where Stahn finds a magical talking sword where the two manages to escape the ship. Stahn and the talking sword known as Dymlos, start their great adventure in what becomes a fight for an ancient relic.


5. Brigandine The Legend of Forsena


New: $190 | Used: $77


Developers Hearty Robin with Atlus publishing brought out Brigandine The Legend of Forsena in 1998 for Japan with a US release in 2000. Played out as a tactical RPG, the game will toss players in control of one of the nations within the Forsena continent. The object of the game is to take control of Forsena by conquering other nations in a turn-based style combat.


4. Herc’s Adventure


New: $200 | Used: $65


Developed by Big Ape Productions and LucasArts in 1997, Herc’s Adventures takes the classic Greek heroes Hercules, Atalanta and Jason as playable characters. The story is very similar to all Hercules stories, you must defeat Hades as he captured the goddess of nature, Persephone. With cartoonish humor, several enemies to defeat along with great boss battles, Herc’s Adventure was a pretty entertaining action adventure title.


3. Mega Man Legends 2


New: $167 | Used: $65


Developed by Capcom and released in 2000, Mega Man Legends 2 became an impressive hit. Acting as a sequel to Mega Man Legends, this title has you playing the Volnutt’s quest. Located in the planet is four keys needed to locate a legendary treasure that will bring infinite energy. Mega Man Legends 2 was praised for the graphics and gameplay.


2. Persona 2


New: $125 | Used: $60


Developed and published by Atlus, Persona 2 is a direct sequel to Persona. Released in 1999, Persona 2 takes place in a fictional city known as Sumaru City. With new characters added into the story that can summon Persona’s, Persona 2 plays out very similar as the original title. However, one difference that can be instantly seen is the ability to play in a third-person perspective.


1. Team Buddies


New: $160 | Used: $60


Developed by Psygnosis Camden Studio, Team Buddies was released in 2000 through publishers Midway Games (North America) and Activision (Europe). Played out as a tactical shooter, the story takes place within Buddies roam. The land was peaceful and disco meetups happened frequently inside a great tent. Out of nowhere, the sun was blocked out causing an eclipse but with that eclipse came several crates. Within these crates were different weaponry that ranged from RPGs to Uzis. Chaos over the land soon followed.


Honorable Mentions.

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