This Destiny Player Reached Lvl 40 Without Leaving The First Mission

While you’ve been busy hanging out with friends, soaking up sunshine, eating, sleeping… there’s a guy out there who grinded out 98 hours in Destiny’s very first mission to hit level 40, and he’s awesome.


How does this madness even work? Well, SerfaBoy (our not-so-brave hero) found a loophole in the system. Normally at the end of the first mission mission, one would go and collect their ship and carry on towards their destiny. SerfaBoy, on the other hand, realized that… well… you don’t really have to go collect the ship at all.


You can just reload the mission, you’ll keep your experience, and the level will be re-populated when you return. You would think that once you start getting into the thirties, even the twenties, that you would barely get any experience from these enemies at all, but SerfaBoy was able to grind out enough exp from each lap that it only took 98 hours to achieve whatever this is.

“So long as Rahn lives, the mission never ends,” – The immortal words of SerfaBoy.

It took him 2137 ‘laps’ through the first mission to reach level 40. Bungee? Activision? Are you listening? This is how badly Destiny players need some new content!

Do you think he’s just making this up? I mean, why would anybody run through the first mission over 2000 times? Joke’s on you, here’s irrefutable video proof:

YouTube video

Shoutout to SerfaBoy for having the patience to do this, and the foresight to record it. He actually went more in-depth about the whole experience on a Reddit post if you want to learn more, but you would probably read something like:


Via Kotaku.