Here Are The Top 10 Creepiest Locations In Fallout 4

Fallout 4 has a different vibe than Fallout 3. It has vibrant colors, which makes a big difference when compared to Fallout 3’s ‘greyness’. However, Fallout 4 does still have those creepy locations we loved from Fallout 3.

It’s almost surreal when exploring one of these areas. Never know if a ghoul is gonna crawl out of a vent or be around the next corner. Let’s take a look at some of the most creepiest areas in Fallout 4.

Hopesmarch Pentecostal Church


Located in The Glowing Sea, Hopesmarch Pentecostal Church is half buried in the ground and absolutely crawling with ghouls, probably former parishioners. I remember seeing them from the roof, looking into the church. Always fun the have a Fat Man mini-nuke launcher on hand for those kinds of situations. Alternatively, just take a shot with any gun at the floor of the church. Rumor has it there’s a gas leak in the church that will set the ghouls ablaze.

This location is a small part in Fallout 4’s immersive storytelling through setting. Being that there was little to no warning of the nuke that hit The Glowing Sea being launched, there was probably a church gathering going on. Everyone was trapped inside after the bomb went off and they obviously endured a lot of radiation.

Abandoned Shack/Federal Surveillance Center K-21B


Another example of Bethesda’s storytelling through setting, this one is even better than the previous. Step inside this shack, and you’ll discover a couple of things.

  • A worker failed to make it to the hatch inside the shack, leading to the shelter underneath.


  • Inside, it seems the hatch door wasn’t enough to keep out radiation.


  • The rest is vacant of life. Skeletons and surveillance devices are notable, so it seems is was some sort of secret government research facility.


Museum of Witchcraft


Tread lightly here. Upon entering through the basement door, you’re greeted with the ceiling above you shaking with every step from something above. Following a trail of dead bodies and seeing one get dragged away, once you make it upstairs, you’re greeted with a Deathclaw. Deathclaws in close quarters is never good, so hopefully you came prepared.

There’s another story being told here though. After you deal with the Deathclaw, you’ll stumble upon a bunch of cracked open Deathclaw eggs, and one still in-tact. Take it, and you can either sell it in Diamond City, or take it home to its nest. Taking it home results in a friendly Deathclaw meeting who just wants his (or her) egg back. It really is touching when you consider the overarching story of Fallout 4 of having your boy taken from you in the vault.

Scenes from inside the church:


Pickman Gallery


This one is straight up messy. Referencing HP Lovecraft, this area is made to display a serial killer’s greatest artistic passion: killing and dismembering raiders. You can find a calling card on one of his victims that may lead you here, or stumble upon it naturally.

Make your way to the basement and that’ where the real fun begins. Pickman himself is being cornered by a group of revengeful raiders. Save him, and he’ll reward you with a key to his safe, in which you’ll find Pickman’s Blade. The blade will give you enhanced stealth and bleeding effects, true to Pickman’s preferred way of killing.

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General Atomics Galleria


This place is messed up. I personally love the Mr. Handy robots in Fallout 4, so imagine my surprise when I found a giant building in the shape of one. This area is full of little buildings that you’d find anywhere. A restaurant, store, boxing ring, that kind of stuff. In the center is the Mr. Handy watch tower-building like thing.

Thing is, is these Mr. Handy’s and Mr. Gutsy’s, their military counterpart, are insane. They’ll try and kill you for no reason, after just speaking with you civilly 10 seconds ago. I died a few times, given the Mr. Gutsy’s are some tough dudes.


Dunwich Borers


If you’ve ever played Fallout 3, you’ve probably explored the Dunwich building. Easily the scariest location in that game. So, when you stumble upon a location in Fallout 4 of similar name, you may realize what you’re in for. Another HP Lovecraft reference, the Dunwich Borers is FAR MORE than just a quarry.

It has an incredible amount of layers to go down, some outside, some inside. Reaching the bottom will grant you with a creepy as **** hole with water at the bottom. Hop out of your power armor (important) and jump in, swim around a bit and you’ll find a sacrificial blade and table! Yay!

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Such a cliche in the Fallout series, it’s perfect. A corrupt weapons manufacturer teams up with the US military to create a shop of human rights violations. Much like the vaults (nudge nudge), this place ran horrific experiments in the mindset of “let’s just see what happens if we..”. It’s a sad location when you really think about it. The remaining gunners are clearly insane and paranoid. Some, you simply can’t bring yourself to kill, like the one pictured below:


Parsons State Insane Asylum


Insane asylum’s are never not portrayed to be messed up, so we’ve another cliche here. Bethesda’s take on it in Fallout 4 isn’t any less creepy than previous works of the same recipe however. Beautifully designed, the building has rich architecture, along with the creepy abandoned wheelchairs, down to the dead gardens and twisty dead trees.

Can’t get inside without another quest however, over at the Cabot House is where you’ll find it. Bethesda takes you a little deeper into the Fallout universe with this one, implying a little witchcraft and magic. A very fun and interesting questline.


Chinese Submarine


As the dark picture suggests, this thing is not easy to find. Inside, you’ll find Zao. A 200 year old Chinese soldier that hasn’t left The Commonwealth yet. Talk to him and you’ll uncover some amazing dialogue, in my opinion, some of the best in Fallout 4.

This specific location really sets a tone for Fallout 4 and highlights things that are so special about a Fallout game. Where else can you get the same level of surrealism?

Fens Street Sewer


I remember making my way through this place and thinking the whole time, “This is so messed up, this is SO messed up..”. The man responsible for the atrocities must be competing with Pickman. His name was The Fens Phantom, which is a reference to real-life Boston urban legend of ‘Phantom of the Fens’. Throughout, you can find areas where he played with his victims, and that he didn’t consider women and babies to be off limits.

This, to us, is the creepiest location in the game, because of its pre-war nature. Sadly, it seems the Fens Phantom was never caught.. Who knows, maybe he too is a 200 year old ghoul, searching for new victims.

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