Watch These Angry Girlfriends Destroy Games Because Their Boyfriends Are Ignoring Them

This Video might make you bust out in a sudden rage.

YouTube video

Consoles, computers, and TV’s aren’t very cheap. But in a fit of rage or a momentary lapse in judgement, that didn’t matter to these angry girlfriends. Their boyfriends weren’t spending enough time with them, in their minds, so they took away the thing that occupied their time; their gaming equipment.

From Xbox 360’s to PS3’s, TV’s to laptops, these feisty females took no prisoners. Let’s take a look at some of their victims –

  • Here we see a pair of female hands taking some sort of melee weapon to her boyfriend’s, or her own, TV. Rational? No. Satisfying? Probably.



  • This one shows a redhead placing a PS3 in front of a car tire. What could possibly be in store for that console?



  • Ahh. Some good ol’ “run it over with the family sedan” strategy going on here.


  • The aftermath. Poor, poor PS3.


  • The little watermark in the bottom of this picture happens to perfectly describe it. A golf club being taken to an Xbox 360.


  • This girl decided to take more than one device with her. First, she throws the Mac into the TV.


  • She then tips over the TV, tosses the PS3 to the ground, and proceeds to curb stomp it in heels. OH BABY A TRIPLE!


  • A nice four-parter here. Part one shows this overly-distraught girlfriend holding an Xbox 360, in quite the menacing way.


  • Part two demonstrates what happens when you throw aforementioned 360 six feet with a decent amount of rage and force behind it.


  • In part three, we see the Xbox bounce as it smashes into the hard floor.


  • Ahh, part four. The boyfriend contemplating what just happened, and if his mother was right about his lady friend. It helps if you understand that before these pictures, the boyfriend beat the girlfriend in a game, which caused the rage.