An Ancient UFO Has Been Found Beneath The Bermuda Triangle

Get your tin foil hats on, because this story is about to blow your mind. Alien life is one of the most popular talking points in the world of conspiracies and it’s pretty easy to understand why to be fair. The idea that we’re not alone in this world and that there are this other … Read more

Tomb Raider Lara Croft as a Guy Looks Pretty Creepy

Everyone has at some point wondered about the appropriateness of Lara Croft’s typical tank top and jean shorts combo in regards to the rather extreme adventures she seems to find herself on again and again. I mean sure, it’s probably quite comfortable and allows a great deal of freedom of movement. However, I’m guessing that in … Read more

6 Scary Videogame Easter Eggs That Will Give You Nightmares

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Here Are The Top 10 Creepiest Locations In Fallout 4

Fallout 4 has a different vibe than Fallout 3. It has vibrant colors, which makes a big difference when compared to Fallout 3’s ‘greyness’. However, Fallout 4 does still have those creepy locations we loved from Fallout 3. It’s almost surreal when exploring one of these areas. Never know if a ghoul is gonna crawl … Read more