The Arbiter Is In Halo Infinite, If You Know Where To Look

The Halo Infinite campaign is finally out, and the Arbiter has unexpectedly been found in the form of an easter egg.

Fans will know the Arbiter as one of Halo 2’s playable characters and one of Halo’s coolest characters in general. He broke off from the Covenant and helped Master Chief in the original trilogy. He even returned in Halo 5: Guardians.

However, it seemed unlikely he would return in Halo Infinite. His story was mostly concluded, though there may be room for him to come back in the future. Despite that, he’s still made an appearance in Halo Infinite as a plush toy.


Where To Find The Arbiter

The Arbiter plush is found on the north section of the map, to the left of Outpost Tremonius. If you explore the right side of this section of the ring, you’ll come across a cave entrance. Inside the cave you’ll find the Arbiter as a plush toy.

There’s more to the cave than just this easter egg, but if you look on the rocks you’ll find him in all his plushy glory.

Credit: 343 Industries

This is all we’ll be able to see of the Arbiter for the time being. However, with how Infinite is primed to be a platform for Halo content over the next few years, we may see some campaign expansions in the future. It would be a great opportunity to re-introduce more characters, and the Arbiter is one of the biggest.


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[Featured Image Credit: 343 Industries]