6 Most Disappointing PS4/Xbox One Console Exclusives That Broke Gamers Hearts

Street Fighter V


I am a huge fan of the Street Fighter franchise and have always looked forward to its next installments but the moment Capcom announced this project along with the fact that it was going to be console-exclusive to PlayStation initially, I knew where things were headed from the get go.

And it didn’t came as a surprise when the game released and proved all my concerns to be correct. Not only does Street Fighter 5 has the least amount of content among any of the games in the franchise at launch, it also comes across as a broken and rushed product.

The controls feel shaky, most of the features are locked right now including challenge modes and an in-game store, making it seem like more of an demo than a full-priced product. It just feels like Capcom were under immense pressure to release it before even getting a chance to complete the game. This has led to widespread criticism and poor sales performance.


One can’t help but wonder if this might be the final Street Fighter game to release for a very long time or I daresay ever. Hopefully, Capcom will work tirelessly to make SF V a very solid game (via updates) before they pull the plug on the franchise.



Titanfall was being considered to be the Call of Duty killer we’ve all been waiting for and not without reason. It had the perfect recipe for being one: ex- Infinity Ward developers going rogue and joining hands with EA to create a shooter for Microsoft that wasn’t limited by anything but ambition.

Access to unlimited resources, a team who’s known for creating some of the best Call of Duty experience to date coming together to create an completely new IP that would change the course of gaming forever.

We all know how often such ambitious projects go terribly wrong and Titanfall was no different. To be fair, it wasn’t exactly a bad game but thanks to the hype and the high standard set for itself, the game really fell short on almost everything. Although the effort was there, the game simply wasn’t innovative enough to really topple Call of Duty or any other game for the matter.


Having several launch issues including online connectivity issues, a lack of a single player campaign and not enough content at launch added to it woes and although the game performed fairly well at launch thanks to the enormous hype it was riding on, it quickly died down and didn’t see the kind of growth EA or Microsoft expected it to.

However, a sequel is said to be in development and we hope it proves to be a better game in every aspect than its less than great predecessor.