PornHub Has Revealed Which Of The Console Users Jacks Off More

If you haven’t yet heard, PornHub has just revealed its annual stats, showing its top trends, most-searched-for terms, and generally just what people have really been into in 2018. One of the statistics PornHub has revealed might put an end to the long-standing console war, as it shows whether PlayStation or Xbox gamers have been … Read more

Burger King Is Giving Away A Limited Edition Xbox One S

Burger King has announced it’s going to be giving away a super-limited edition Xbox One S – and of course it’s Burger King themed. The white console features a minimalist BK Whopper design, and comes complete with a custom controller, sporting the BK crown. If that’s not enough Burger King for your living room, the … Read more

Which Is The Best Console Of 2018?

When it comes to consoles there’s always been – and probably will be – a pretty tough war. The console war has cost many a life (not really), but which console really should be crowned the King (or Queen) of 2018? Let’s take a look… PlayStation 4 Buy it on Amazon US Amazon link UK Amazon … Read more

Twitter Rips Into Journalist For Comparing New Spyro To Dark Souls

The Spyro Reignited Trilogy launched yesterday, and people are loving the HD trip down nostalgia lane. Or at least, most people are. Twitter is laying into a journalist from Eurogamer for her review of the game, in which she compares the Trilogy to the notoriously difficult Dark Souls. In the review, which you can read … Read more