This Xbox One Turns On Its Owner’s Electric Fire Every Time It’s Used

The Xbox One X is a seriously impressive console, but did you know it can also turn on your electric fire?

Andy Eggleton, an Xbox gamer from the UK, recently reached out to Eurogamer to discuss a very strange phenomenon occurring in his home, and it’s left people pretty baffled.

Credit: Microsoft

Eggleton confirmed to the site that each time he turns on his Xbox One X, his fake fire also comes to life, and he even provided video evidence to support his claim.

YouTube video

He told Eurogamer: “My initial thought was the batteries were going in the fireplace remote,

“So I took the batteries out the remote and the fireplace didn’t turn on again that evening. But then the next night the fire turned on again – and the batteries weren’t in the control.

“I was thinking we must have a poltergeist or something. My missus said it must be a fault with the fireplace.”

Credit: Microsoft

Although a poltergeist is a pretty reasonable explanation for the strange occurrence, it’s believed that the real root cause is the IR signals from the console, which could be interfering with how the fireplace turns on and off.

Strangely, it’s only started happening pretty recently, despite no change to Eggleton’s living room or gaming set-up. He reportedly hasn’t moved the console or changed any settings on the fireplace, so it’s definitely weird that this has only just started to happen…

Credit: Microsoft

You’ve probably heard stories about Xbox consoles (and pretty much all consoles, for that matter) randomly bursting into flames, but this is the first time I’ve heard of an Xbox turning on flames.

Check out the video above and let us know what you think. Of course, the video could be a fake, as there could be some sort of remote control operating the fireplace, but it’s a pretty strange thing to make up…