This videogame features the most graphic gunshot wounds ever

If you don’t recognize which game it is yet, you’re in for a treat. This game has the most graphic and over-the-top gunshot wounds we’ve ever seen. You may recognize it from a recent Pewdiepie video during which he went back in time to kill Hitler, only to come to realization that said event altered … Read more

This Is the Most Unexpected Way You Can Kill Enemies in Battlefield 1

When it comes to unexpected methods of slaughter in Battlefield 1,  there are things like crashing a zeppelin into someone or lobbing a grenade while parachuting out of a flaming biplane. However, there’s one way to kill that won’t only surprise your opponent, but also make them unbelievably salty. The method is outlined in this … Read more

YouTuber Roasts COD Infinite Warfare

Call of Duty:Infinite Warfare, yes the title who’s trailer that proudly holds the distinction of being the second most disliked YouTube video in the history of the internet. In case you were wondering Justin Bieber’s “Baby” is #1. Not to mention the fact that it’s currently being upstaged on steam by Farming Simulator 17. YouTuber … Read more

YouTuber Destroys Life of Guy that Messaged his Girlfriend with One Text Msg

Controversial YouTuber Willy Mammoth is back at it again, this time with a hilarious but extraordinarily mean roast of some poor dairy farmer that sent his girlfriend a message on Facebook.  The “love letter” was long and detailed, and the contents are so cringe-inducing that you will become physically uncomfortable reading it. Willy’s response was … Read more

Willy Mammoth

People Are Saying This New Youtube Gamer Is Too Controversial

Willy Mammoth is back, but is he too much? Recently, the YouTuber has come under fire from a select few; they argue he’s just too vulgar. Personally, I find him hilarious. Whether the issue is that he’s missing the mark or just coming on too strong, some people just aren’t buying it. Neither of those things … Read more

Introducing Willy Mammoth

The prehistoric cocksman the gaming world needs, but not the one it deserves right now. Winner of the 1496 Thickest and Most Handsome Trunk Award. “Crude but precise.”