This videogame features the most graphic gunshot wounds ever

If you don’t recognize which game it is yet, you’re in for a treat. This game has the most graphic and over-the-top gunshot wounds we’ve ever seen. You may recognize it from a recent Pewdiepie video during which he went back in time to kill Hitler, only to come to realization that said event altered history and prevented Pewds from ever being born.

If you’d like you follow in Pewdiepie’s footsteps (To kill Hitler with an ultra-graphic slow-motion nutshot, not to be targeted by a WSJ hit piece – which was also coincidentally very transparent and easy to see through), then you’re going to want to grab a copy of Sniper Elite 4.

Here are some examples of the Carnage and acclaimed x-ray kill cam narrated by the prehistoric cocksman Willy Mammoth

YouTube video

It’s the slow-motion x-ray shots that really make this game gruesome and, obviously, very addictive.


After lining up your shot and pulling the trigger, you get to watch the bullet cruise through the air before piercing the x-ray’d body of your target, as you try to hit different body parts for different effects. And yes, you can go for nutshots, and yes, they do explode on impact. What else do you really need to know?

image: youtube

Can you think of any other sniping games, or shooters in general, with absolutely gruesome and violent gunshot wounds? Let’s hear your picks…