YouTuber Destroys Life of Guy that Messaged his Girlfriend with One Text Msg

Controversial YouTuber Willy Mammoth is back at it again, this time with a hilarious but extraordinarily mean roast of some poor dairy farmer that sent his girlfriend a message on Facebook. ┬áThe “love letter” was long and detailed, and the contents are so cringe-inducing that you will become physically uncomfortable reading it. Willy’s response was cutting and precise, and he absolutely destroyed this poor kids life. This is a roast the likes-of-which the internet has never before seen. The attention to detail in the roast was pretty startling. Check it out for yourself.

YouTube video

We have information from reliable sources that this is a true story, and one thing is for certain, this mammoth is one sick bastard.

Craig sounds like a sweet kid and we really do hope that this message shocked him enough to get his life back on track and become the ladies man he has the potential to be.

For some reason we picture Craig to look like that kid from Gold Rush on the Discovery Channel: