Gamer Faces Accusations of High Tech Cheating after Releasing Unbelievable Kill Compilation

This short 2 minute sniper kill compilation features some really long distance shots, some of which had such poor visibility that it led many gamers on social media to question the authenticity of the gameplay, despite the game being played on Playstation 4 where it is less susceptible to modification.
willycheatingbf1snipe2 Could you hit this shot with only the glint of the opposing snipers scope in the distance?
Touting himself as “the prehistoric cocksman the sniper game world needs” Willy Mammoth┬ádemonstrates the effectiveness of the sniper rifle in Battlefield 1 with some commentary that is very much rated M for Mature. Explaining some of the intricacies of one the most complex physics based gaming mechanics, at the very least this is an excellent highlight video demonstrating some impressive kills.

YouTube video