Activision Reveals Why They Resurrected Sierra

On a surprising note from Gamescom, Activision has announced that the development studio has brought back the Sierra name. Today we finally learn why the development team has resurrected the studio. MCV has reported why Activision has brought Sierra back. Turns out Activision is looking to publish a number of video games through Sierra. These … Read more

EA Will Have Six New Video Game Reveals During E3

EA will have six unannounced video game reveals coming up during this year’s E3 event. We’re unsure if these video games are completely new IPs or if there will be sequels to other video games developed by EA. Geoff Keighley tweeted out that EA plans on revealing six new video games during this year’s E3 … Read more

PlayStation Easter Europe Sale Happening Now!

European PlayStation owners can get into the latest Easter sale. There’s tons of great video game titles being offered for the PlayStation Vita and the PlayStation 3. Video games being offered a discount includes Shift 2 Unleashed, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Gran Turismo 6, Battlefield 4 and several more. Some … Read more

Hideo Kojima Looking For New Metal Gear Solid Successor

Hideo Kojima is the father of the Metal Gear Solid series. For years, Kojima has brought out a successful video game in the series though the problem is, he’s been doing it for far too long. At least, that’s the vibe Kojima is getting. Life is far too short and it’s time that Kojima takes … Read more

China Makes Additional Comment On Video Game Ban Lift

Since 2000, China has placed a ban on all video games and consoles for the country. However, recently the country has lifted the ban and will start to regulate new consoles and video game titles into the region. Rules are being written out and slowly placed but not everything is openly spoken about quite yet. … Read more

Winter Is The Best For Gaming

Call me crazy but i’s true. Nobody have time for the hotness. I prefer winter over summer all day. The image  above will show how gamer feel during summer and winter.

Good Guy Gabe

There’s numerous places on the internet that are all saying Gabe (Owner of Valve) is one of the nicest tech giant owners around. He is always out there doing good deeds.  This particular good deed is an amazing thing for him to do and didn’t get all that much publicity. This is just another reason … Read more