You’re Never To Sick To Play

Have you ever staid home from school sick and upon attempting to login to your favorite video game, your parents tell you that you’re sick enough to stay home so you’re to sick to play video games. This statement is so so wrong, no matter how sick you are; you’re never to sick to play … Read more

Single Player vs Multiplayer vs Co-op

It happens to everyone, you’re playing the campaign and wrecking anything that gets in your way. One hundred enemy soldiers come at you? No problem, you’ll take them out with out breaking a sweat.  When you get into multi player that’s a different story though, you get wrecked for a few weeks until you learn … Read more

Playing Video Games May Be Required In School

Two prominent neuroscientists have published a commentary in the Feb. 28th Nature suggesting that video games might be crafted to improve brain function and enhance personal well-being. In “Games To Do You Good,” they cite prospects for bettering performance on behavioral measures ranging from visual perception to altruism. Daphne Bavelier of the University of Rochester and Richard J. Davidson … Read more

Girls And Video Games

    When I play video games with guys, it always seems like a whole new experience for them. It does not matter if they have seen what the girl looks like or even the age. As soon as they find out the person they are playing with is a girl, the environment changes. For … Read more