Girls And Video Games



When I play video games with guys, it always seems like a whole new experience for them. It does not matter if they have seen what the girl looks like or even the age. As soon as they find out the person they are playing with is a girl, the environment changes. For example, I was playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and was top player while playing Capture The Flag. A clan leader from some other clan started cursing at me because I had my mic plugged in but was not using it. I got tired of his pointless babble and stated I was a girl and that I was not using my mic because I had no need to. The second he found out I was a girl, he began apologizing, and his clan started laughing at him because he asked if I would join a clan competition against them.

I told him I would because I am a clan leader too, and he had me join a private match with him and his clan. It was me versus them, quite unfair really. I suppose he thought I was not going to be that good, but I would think having 30 kills and 0 deaths would be proof enough that I would be more than qualified to go up against them. We had our little battle, and of course, I won with ease because they had a strategy of all of them sticking together in the same area. All I had to do was throw a grenade to kill all of them or simply spray the area with bullets for easy kills. After the battle was over, the clan leader returned to his ways of cursing and being angry because he and his clan lost to a girl. I was kicked out of the lobby and one of his clan members sent me a friend request asking to be in my clan because they quit his.

That was only one example of how the environment changes for guys. I have played other online games such as Borderlands, and the guys would say something like “gasp! It’s a girl!” I understand that there are only 1%-2% of girls that play video games, but why does the environment always change when we play video games? Leave your comments down below, and tell me what a girl playing video games means to you.