Activision Reveals Why They Resurrected Sierra

On a surprising note from Gamescom, Activision has announced that the development studio has brought back the Sierra name. Today we finally learn why the development team has resurrected the studio.

MCV has reported why Activision has brought Sierra back. Turns out Activision is looking to publish a number of video games through Sierra. These titles will be from independent studios and there are a number of games set to make another appearance on the latest consoles which includes King’s Quest and Geometry Wars.

Sierra’s MacLean Marshall explains:


The indie movement is happening, and for Activision not to be involved in that… it has the big brands sure, but I think it would be a miss if we didn’t look at the indie movement as well. For us, it is about finding the right devs with the right ideas – whether that is bringing back an old Sierra IP or something entirely new.

Activision is mostly known for their big AAA video game titles that bring in money to rival big name blockbuster hits. We’re very interested in seeing what video games roll out from Sierra, we’ll keep you updated on the very latest.