Hideo Kojima Looking For New Metal Gear Solid Successor

Hideo Kojima is the father of the Metal Gear Solid series. For years, Kojima has brought out a successful video game in the series though the problem is, he’s been doing it for far too long. At least, that’s the vibe Kojima is getting. Life is far too short and it’s time that Kojima takes on a new venture from what he spoke about during an interview with Game Informer.

While he doesn’t want to be just remembered as the Metal Gear Solid guy, we will ultimately look highly in him for that regard. Now as he approaches being 50 years old, Hideo Kojima is currently looking for a successor for the Metal Gear Solid series though he knows it will be a tough find. Within the interview, Kojima has made note that he is taking a careful look as to who can pick up the series as he leaves. In fact, he went on to say that quality is very important to him.

“I don’t know if the Metal Gear brand sometimes is a bit heavy to carry. The franchise is difficult to handle. But so far I’ve had no success [passing the torch]. Metal Gear Rising [Revengeance], fortunately that was a spin-off so that went well. Ideally I would like to step out from the Metal Gear franchise as a producer and dedicate myself to other games. So far that has proven to be a bit difficult.”

While he does want to take a step away from Metal Gear Solid, Kojima isn’t leaving the video game scene. He mentions that he would like to take on a different video game, something far away from the style of Metal Gear Solid it seems. Now, Hideo Kojima has been saying he would step down from taking on the Metal Gear Solid series for awhile now and he has yet to do so. However, it’s nice to know that while he still plans on stepping down and venture into a new series, the Metal Gear Solid franchise will ultimately be picked solely by Kojima himself.