RetroLiberty Aaron Stapish Interview

Video games have come a long, long way. From small little pixels in a defined space to massive beautiful worlds to explore. While we may eagerly await to pick up the latest video games and consoles, it’s important to look back and check out the incredible video games from the past. One YouTube channel that … Read more

Square Enix Will Start Developing Titles For Core Gamers

Square Enix appears to have lost sight of things when they realized that their little niche title started to sell very well world wide. The latest JRPG game from Square Enix known as Bravely Default really made the development team stand back and get the big picture once again. Find out why this little niche title released … Read more

Kojima Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain “Too Big To Clear”

If you’re on the edge if you should pick up Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes on count of the game being rather short, you should make note that Metal Gear Sold: The Phantom Pain won’t have that problem as it’s significantly larger. How large you say? Well to put it in perspective, creator Kojima feels that the game is … Read more

Hideo Kojima Ideally Looking For GTA Style For Metal Gear Solid

We’ve talked about this several times before and we’ve heard this countless times from Hideo Kojima. The man who has been working on the Metal Gear Solid series for over 25 years is looking to step down. Unfortunately, finding that successor for the Metal Gear Solid franchise isn’t easy nor does he find the task … Read more

Naughty Dog Deciding On The Last of Us 2 or New IP

To say Naughty Dog is a popular game development studio is a vast understatement. There’s no telling as to what the developers will come up with next but one thing is for sure, it will likely be a smashing hit. Recently, Eurogamer had the chance to speak with Neil Druckmann who is a writer for … Read more

Hideo Kojima Looking For New Metal Gear Solid Successor

Hideo Kojima is the father of the Metal Gear Solid series. For years, Kojima has brought out a successful video game in the series though the problem is, he’s been doing it for far too long. At least, that’s the vibe Kojima is getting. Life is far too short and it’s time that Kojima takes … Read more